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Thank you for visiting Freedom helicopters. We conduct our helicopter flight training in the Indianapolis area. We are based at the Indianapolis Metropolitan Airport (UMP) near Indianapolis, Indiana serving the Midwest for all types of helicopter services. We can take care of all your helicopter needs from flight training to Commercial Operations. For more information on the Metropolitan Airport, visit AirNAv.

Imagine a career in aviation, flying helicopters for a living, and actually getting paid to do something that you always dreamed of. Yea, it is a rough life, and a tough job, but someone has to do it. Go ahead, take the first step toward an exciting new career! Pick up the phone and call Freedom Helicopters today at 317 432 4525. Our Commercial Operations include flight training, photography, scenic flights, and more. We have experienced pilots on duty to accommodate all your helicopter needs. If you do not find what you are looking for on this web site, just give us a call or email info@freedomhelicopters.com!

   Scenic Tours

Call and book a scenic tour flight today. The scenic tour is a flight utilizing our state of the art Robinson R-44. It is a flight over downtown Indianapolis and the best surrounding scenic areas. Book us today to take you on a breathe-taking scenic tour in our, state of the art, Robinson R-44 helicopter. The tour includes, but not limited to, a flight over downtown Indianapolis and the best surrounding scenic routes. The helicopter can accommodate 3 passengers per flight, however, you are able to book multiple flights for a large party.

* prices are determined by the number of passengers per flight. Upon full occupancy the price of the tour is $99 per person.

Enjoy The Best View of the Town

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Training Services

Private Pilot

Whether this is the beginning of a career in aviation for you, or if a private rating is all you desire, this will be the beginning of a new and exciting future. This course will take 4 weeks for a full-time student to complete and may be tailored to fit the individual needs of anyone. If it is necessary for you to fly an hour or two per week, we can accommodate your schedule. The actual time it takes to complete a rating is up to you and how much time you can actually commit to your studies. If your budget requires one or two lessons per week, then the duration will be longer. The minimum number of flight hours required to obtain your private rating is 40 hours by FAA regulation. On average, it takes most students nearer to 60 hours to complete the rating therefore it is advisable to budget for more flight hours should you need them.

Commercial Pilot

The commercial pilot package is designed for those persons who have no prior experience in aviation and wish to go from start to finish to the commercial helicopter pilot level. This can be an intensive program and will take 6-months or longer. The actual time to completion depends upon how much time you can devote to your actual flight training and studies. As always, our programs can be tailored to your individual needs. Call today and discuss your personal needs. The commercial pilot rating is your key to a career as a pilot. If you are already a private pilot then this is the second step toward your career. If you already hold a rating, see Add-On ratings. Prerequisites to the commercial rating are that you must first hold a private pilot rating in any aircraft, and then you must log the necessary training and experience requirements for the commercial level. You must be 18 years old to obtain a commercial pilot rating.

Add-On Ratings

Add-on ratings are often unique to the individual due to the variation in ones particular flight experience. The two most common programs are shown below. For information specific to your situation, call today for a quote. You may add a commercial helicopter rating to a private airplane certificate if you desire. Note that for the commercial add-on, by FAA regulation, 50 hours helicopter flight time is required however you must log 35 hours of helicopter PIC time which in most cases means that it will take 55-hours to prepare for the check ride. In our packages we allow for the additional hour it will take to complete the check ride, and also for the examiner fee.

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